Looking for Korean food ? Try Eid Korean!

Since 2014, the number of fanatic fan of Korea is steadily increasing thanks to the korean drama that have been aired rapidly through the Malaysian channel television. This have been contribute to the search of the authentic korean food by the k-pop lover age range from 15-35 year old.

These sensations have lead to the new place for korean food all over the Malaysia. Eid Korean  is one of korean restaurant that have been selected among the korean fans in Malaysia as their favourite. Moreover, the food is HALAL because its owned by the korean muslim family! Great isn’t it?

For the korean expats, who have the homesick about the korean dishes, you can always try out their food! They are open from 11am-10pm but Monday is closed, located in busy small city in Bangi.

They served a lot of varities such as deok bokki (stir fried rice cake), teok kocchi (rice cake), seafood kimchi pancake and lots more! My choice for dessert is butter bread dripped with the choice of caramel or the chocolate sauce.

Give them a call or whatsapp +60183524200 to avoid the any disapointments  🙂



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