Need 500 or more foreign workers from Source Country (eg: Philipine)? We can help :)

Malaysia has been providing a solution for the mega companies for hiring the foreign workers from the Source Country to provide the alternative way to the employers in order to fill the position in their organizations. The Source Country that have been listed include:

  1. Philipine
  2. India
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Indonesia
  5. Cambodia
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Laos
  8. Myanmar
  9. Nepal
  10. Thailand
  11. Vietnam

The agreement between Malaysia and the listed countries have bring benefits to both of the related parties. With outsouring, the companies need not to worry about the number of foreign workers that they have to find because they can get them directly from the Source Country with Approval from the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri). After that then they can only proceed with the application for the outsourcing of foreign workers.

Need the Approval Letter from KDN?

We can apply it on your behalf directly with the KDN. Contact us at +60102191359 for further enquiries or you can drop us an email 🙂 We are happy to assist you.




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