They are crying. Yelling. Seeking for help. No where to go. No where to run or hide. This is the reality happening to our Muslim Rohingya in Burma. The heartless authority is denying their freedom.

They treat the Muslims like an animal, maybe worse. The death tolls are rising numerously. Women, children are also being a victim. The reasons are still blurred on why do the Buddha are planning this ethnic cleansing. Same goes the war happen in Yugoslavia in 90s. You can check the history in here.

From the war expert’s view, they are planning to do the massive massacre in Burma, targeting the Muslims as their victim. The aids are being denied to enter to provide the medications and food to the refugees. Why does the leaders around the world remain silent???

This is not only about religion issue, its about the Humanity. How can we just keep being blind and being deaf about their PAIN? Since when that we become HEARTLESS? Is it okay to kill other people just because they’re practising their religion? We are living in the same world, we are sharing the same resources. No one can be denied from what they can get.

For the MURDERER,  the God is watching. We as a Muslim will not remain silent and playing this dirty games of yours. They are our brothers and sisters, every pain they’re feel we will feel it the same.

Hope that Malaysia is opening their door to them. (Praying)



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