3 Good Reasons why you should legalise your illegal worker with KISMET ^_^

The weather here for the past few days is very demented and always turn my mood into blue (like a fish). However the good news is there’re increasing numbers of clients to legalise their illegal worker with us. Here I’ve listed up TOP THREE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD LET US TO HELP YOU (big grin).

Number One :

All the immigration process we are dealing directly with the Immigration Department so you as an employer wouldn’t need to worry about lying agents, the dissapearance of your company profile because we always make sure that our process is TRANSPARENT AND HONEST.

Number Two

For the registration of illegal worker through the MYEG, our service is including checking the status of the illegal worker in the immigration system so that you will know IF they are qualified for the Rehiring Programme. The benefits are you can save the cost and your time by knowing the requirement firsthand.

Number Three

As we all know, there are so many fraud cases which include the illegal worker because many parties want to take charge of their documentations. With us, we are truly a consulting company which have been registered with SSM since 2013. We working with a number of clients so we have gathered some valuable experiences so that we can strive forward!

As always, you can drop us your enquiries via email or contact us at +60102191359 to hear our own voices 🙂



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