Working in Malaysia? 5 things that you need to know about Malaysia

For the new expatriates residing in Malaysia, mostly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, please take a deep breath about what we are gonna share in this post. ( sit up straight please )

  1. TRAFFIC JAM from early dawn to the late dusk


( courtesy of )

2. Lots of delicious late night dinner or supper around the city ( most of the Malaysian enjoy going out for a late dinner with friends or colleagues ). So please hit up at gym for the tomorrow morning to cut all the calories!


( courtesy of )

3. Friendly and pleasant Malaysian (mostly towards the expats ) no offense please! This is just my 2 cents thought. Based on my observations, most of the Malaysians very respect and friendly to the tourists and expats. No clear reasons for that attitude but its really boost our tourism to the top level ( Malaysia Boleh !)


( courtesy of Air Asia )

4. Right hand drive (OMY for the Americans and Britons!) I know its really difficult to adapt to the right hand side drive but slowly and surely you will learn its not that nervewracking LAHHH ( we like to add LAHH  to express our feeling ) so just get used to it ( wink wink )


5. Last for not lease is….. The weather is a little bit crazy here…sometimes you have an early pour rain affecting your mood, sometimes its a sunny day so you can dry up your clothes more quickly (if you  don’t have the dryer). But rest assured, you can just enjoy it like other people (not me!!!). But most of the expats really enjoy living here actually…maybe because of the food and delicacies, or the people here or maybe because of the weather. Hmm which one is your choice?





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